Please see the information on oral and poster presentations for your reference below

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Keynote speakers have 30 minutes

Oral Presentations
All presentations must please be in PowerPoint format and no provisions will be made for slides or overheads. Employer and sponsor logos are to be as small as possible and should preferably be shown only on the first slide. Slide headings should be 40 font size with 28 and 20 font size for major and minor subheadings, respectively. No text smaller than 18 font on the slides

Presentations will be 15 minutes with 5 minutes for discussion. The session chair will manage presentation time strictly.

Presentations should be stored on flash drives and preferably be downloaded at registration on Sunday before the congress starts. Presentations can also be downloaded at the different venues at before the start of the previous session.

Posters Presentations
Orientation must be A0 Portrait only (841 X 1189mm). Use 96 font size, Bold for the title of the poster and 72 Arial for authors and affiliations. Underline the name of the person presenting the poster.

Use 30-36 font size for regular text. Review the readability of your poster by using a viewing distance of approximately 1.8m. Try not to add too much text and information on the poster.

A one minute flash presentation is required on Monday late afternoon. You will have only one minute to bring over the major findings of your poster. You do not have time to discuss all the detail. The idea is to get people interested in your topic so that they would go and read your poster. One or two PowerPoint slides are allowed for this purpose.