The MDASA Executive

President: Ms Maboang Matlou

As President of MDASA my objective is to raise awareness of the endless possibilities that Moringa has. I aim to bring more innovative ideas that will put Moringa forefront globally. Thus we as MDASA our main goal is food security , economic development and sustainable growth of the "Tree of Life-Moringa".


Deputy President: Mr Julian de la Hunt

With 20 years of corporate and Executive management experience, owner and CEO of a number of businesses across various industries, Julian is likely to bring energy, strategy, team cohesion and business and marketing insights to the MDASA organization.


Secretary General: Mr Alwin Makhale

Dedicated to solving some of the global challenges through moringa. I believe Moringa is a solution to one of the global challenges of malnutrition. For the rest of my life I will be preaching the gospel of moringa , painting the whole world green.


Deputy Secretary General: Dr Ashwrell Ndhlala

Dr Ashwell Ndhlala is a passionate researcher who has been involved in Moringa Research since 2011 and has published vast numbers of papers in international journals on the growth and reproduction of Moringa, seed biology of Moringa, crop production and post harvest handling of Moringa. Ashwell has been leading the Agro-processing and Moringa group at the University of Limpopo and previously at the Agricultural Research Council and has contributed immensely in coming up with knowledge and technological innovations in Moringa research and development.

Apart from lab and field based research, Ashwell is actively involved in Moringa enterprises development and assisted a number of farmers in taking their businesses to the market. He has been involved in the Moringa flagship funded by the Department of Science and Innovations under the IKS consortium. In this space, he is instrumental in ensuring good crop production, good yields and quality products in moringa based agribusinesses.

Ashwell was part of the organising committee that successfully hosted the 2nd International Symposium on Moringa and hosted the event under the ARC. He went on to deliver an invited talk at the event. Apart from that, he has given more than 10 invited talks on Moringa to different audiences.

One useful output of his research is a GIS developed Mapping system that shows where and when to plant Moringa in South Africa.


Deputy Treasurer: Ms Manketsi Thlape

Creation of  procedures that help MDASA to grow through sound financial planning , allocation of funds  and investments.


Research: Mr Zane Coles

RnD of MDASA aims to develop reliable awareness of moringa and educate members and the public regarding uses and benefits of moringa, its cultivation, processing and marketing. Furthermore, RnD intends to optimize the moringa value chain and the industry as a whole as to facilitate producers while ensuring that consumers receive acceptable, standardized quality products. 


Public Relations: Mr Rene Munya



Treasurer: Mrs Uhuru Zikalala