The MDASA Executive 2024

President: Mr Rene Munya


Khanyi Pres

Deputy President: Ms Khanyisile Dumakude


Secretary General: Dr Ashwell Ndhlala


"As the Moringa industry continues to expand globally and gains recognition for its healing properties, I am passionately committed to enabling as many people as possible to benefit from the wealth of this miraculous tree, thereby enhancing their livelihoods and overall well-being"

Deputy Secretary General: Mr Shaun Mandiwana 


"Let's embrace innovation and collaboration to amplify our impact in the Moringa space locally and globally. Together we are the architects of change, shaping a brighter future for our communities"

Deputy Treasurer: Dr Manketsi Thlape


Research: Mr Tshepo Ntemane


"My current focus is on promoting the adoption of a moringa lifestyle among individuals. Through this ambition and dedication, the aim is to inspire and empower people to incorporate the benefits of moringa into their daily lives."

Public Relations: Mrs Karen Swanepoel



Treasurer: Mr Sebastian Taurai


Ambassador: Mrs Hester Kinnear


"After struggling with arthritis and high blood pressure, I decided to incorporate Moringa into my routine. The impact was miraculous: Moringa’s improved my immune system, and positively influenced my sleep patterns. Encouraged by these effects, I began promoting Moringa products and even established a business. I may not be able to plant, but I can share my knowledge as an ambassador for Moringa."